A Phone Call In Amsterdam

A Phone Call In Amsterdam

There's Still A Light In The House

There’s Still A Lights In The House


Maybe Side A





VALLEY is a band comprised of the four kids you used to know back in grade school. They were the ones talking excitedly about that classic band and some new artist in the same breath. They were the ones feverishly writing songs and rushing home to record them so you could finally understand what they were trying to say.

Made up of Rob Laska (vocals), Michael Brandolino (guitar), Alex Dimauro (bass) and Karah James (drums) is forged from two bands who were accidentally double-booked for studio time. The born-and-raised Canadians seized the opportunity in disguise and began developing what would ultimately become one of the most refreshing and engaging new bands of the decade.

VALLEY wrote and self-produced the acclaimed 2016 EP This Room Is White, amassing over 10 million streams, as well as garnering radio and TV placements for indie pop hit "Swim”. Now VALLEY have returned with two new singles. "Closer To The Picture” written and produced by the band in collaboration with Andy Seltzer (Maggie Rogers, Tor Miller, Penguin Prison), deals with the cycle of anxiety and self-reflection inherent in the deafening digital noise of 21st century living. The second single, "Push For Yellow (Shelter)”, rings as a declaration, inviting listeners to embrace feelings of uncertainty, knowing they’re not alone in their search for security. So far, the new music has caught the attention of the indie music world with features on The 405, Idobi Radio, Indie88 and many more.

Both tracks are featured on their upcoming EP, MAYBE – Side A, the first installment of a full length project that VALLEY have been working on for the past two years and will be released in three parts over the next few months.

The timeless, anthemic songcraft for which VALLEY has become known has been refined in their home studio in Toronto’s outer suburban rim, the bright sunshine of Los Angeles, and the gritty real of New York City. The group found a lot of inspiration for new music in the neighborhoods of Brooklyn and found a sound that is utterly contemporary and sophisticated, but also, in all the right ways, a little bit throwback. VALLEY are the Toronto band with an undeniable New York sound that are about to be at the top of your radar.